Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Scenes from a dining room table....

Like most people who have serious fabric obsessions and like to sew/knit/read etc.... my dining room table has been pressed into service as my sewing table! I have promised myself that this year I will transfer everything to the top bedroom..... I will use the perfectly adequate desk I have up there.... So to that end, last night I started the dining room table clear up. I must sound like a terrible woman but I knew with everthing that's on there it was going to take a while....
(I've decided not to show before and after pics it would scare me too much and make it too much of a barrier to get it sorted!)

Whilst doing it and putting some fabric away in the wire baskety drawer thing I have for it, I came across one of my favourite finds from a French brocante. A beautiful damask monogrammed tablecloth and twelve napkins. I say napkins but to be honest they could make small tablecloths themselves as they are about 75cm square! I haven't measured the tablecloth but I would estimate at least 3-3.5 metres....

I still haven't dared to use them, they have been sitting wrapped in acid free paper since I got them.... imagine getting gravy on them, I'd cry.

I think though one of my best bargains ever was the Wedgewood set I got from a charity shop for £5. I love it! It says Wedgewood on the bottom.... I strongly suspect it isn't, but the colour is fab and the shape beautiful! Plus it looks so right on my dresser!

I also have one of my favourite "vases" on there too. I say vase it's a old (from Nana and Grampy's) TG Green Sugar pot with a cracked lip that looks amazing with tulips in! Again sitting next to some of my favourite pressed green glass!

I face all these delights when I'm sewing... I bet you can guess now why I'm reluctant to move.....

Some other pretty things I could not
resist showing! my "scrap-pots"

A cute little 10p tin from a car boot
and some fabric bought last bank holiday on a lovely horse given to me by Mum and Dad!

Here's hoping the weather is better today all!!!!


Lizzie said...

I love the monogrammed linens, too! Its one thing I wish I had spent more time collecting- vintage linens. As it is, I have a small collection of embroidered vintage pillowcases and hankies.

The little tins for your scraps are adorable!

BTW, your "about me" reminded me to add my own favorite Doris Day movie to my list- "That Touch of Mink". Oh, and loooove "Summer Magic"- but I am a huge Haley Mills fan!

Angel Jem said...

Move the view?
Or eat upstairs?
Or take a picture of the view and, for £160, have it transferred to a canvas as an unusual if not to say, unique artwork. And don't you hate magazines when their advice is to do something costing £160 and they talk as if £160 is something one has just lying around?
Or stay where you are, stash everything upstairs and get a lot of exercise when you need to get that little button or thread.

tash said...

I daren't even take photos of my dining room table - we've yet to finish sanding and re-varnishing it - what a job it is!

Beautiful linens and a lovely story to all of your items :)

Sarah said...

I like to think that the BB stands for Brigitte Bardot!!!!!