Thursday, 24 May 2007

LSM's Quilts - with a little help from her friends

LSM (now a nickname that seems to have stuck) is a quilter, not your usual type on the sewing machine, oh no, she does everything by hand (bar the edges.. which I do anywhay so she does do everything by hand)

Here is one she made for her friends daughter

And another as a wedding present for my cousin and her husband

See - she should get a blog of her own then she can post all about the process seeing as she is just about to start on her next. I say she is I get the job of cutting out templates, the fabric and helping tack!!!


Anonymous said...

LSM's quilts are super! I love the blue one. (I love them both, but blue is my favourite colour) Well done Mary, keep up the good work. I have to admit to being a lazy quilter. I use the machine and have big ones quilted professionally.

Alison said...

Great Quilts!
Alison x

LSM said...

couldnt do it without your help By the way are you free on Monday to start cutting? Its supposed to rain, lucky us but the garden needs it. while I was putting washing on the line this am i saw a chaffinch and a robin in surburbia!