Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Rain, Rain go away

Why is it that as soon as the peonies come out (see this post) that the heavy rain starts?.... I'm not impressed, we've been waiting years for it to flower properly and what do we get... rain... still the garden is enjoying it for the most part even if we are not.

I must admit one of the things I like is pretty china. I'm coveting these from Royal Albert, they are designed by Zandra Rhodes and are my current favourite... I'm trying very hard to contain myself (am saving hard for New York), but can you imagine these at afternoon tea......!

Well.... I think I'd better put the kettle on!


tash said...

Nothing like drinking tea from bone china - my mother has infinite selections of fragile little tea-sets, Shelley and Royal Albert are my favourites.

We've just had our first (and only) peony come into flower and today it has not stopped raining! Everywhere is soggy, as are the hens (not a sensible bone in them!).

sara, the house of charm said...

OH my, is that not the prettiest thing! WOW. Well, shoot. Now I need to collect Royal Albert too.

Papoosue said...

Those are very very pretty Sarah, but think of New York! Who knows what pretty delights they will have there to tempt you???? Raining here too, pretty chilly and miserable I'm afraid.x

Primrose Hill said...

You are so right, our peony has just started to flower too and it has poured rain all day! I chopped a couple of flowers off it yesterday and they were at the bottom of the bush and would just have got eaten by the slugs and bugs, so I'm enjoying them in the house!
Love the china too!
L x

Lizzie said...

I adore Royal Doulton and Royal Albert China. I have three tea sets by them- and my main pattern is by them. "Old Country Roses", "Moonlight Rose" and "Lilac Lane".

Now I will join you in coveting the pattern you shared as well!

Anonymous said...

I love that tea setting Sarah. It is so pretty. Clever Zandra Rhodes. I like her.
If it makes you feel any better, it's raining and freezing cold in Australia also. I am not missing out so don't get jealous! We have had high winds and bad storms from Melbourne right through to NSW over the last couple of days. Glad to be back home safe and sound after my last babysitting day in Shepparton.

~ Janice ~ said...

They are just gorgeous! I just love being surrounded by beauty and carefully using items which some people would put on a shelf to gather dust!