Thursday, 24 May 2007

Life chez Ma and Pa's house

Today I went to Mr & Mrs Long Suffering Mother's house after work. I'm being allowed to post from LSM's laptop (am behaving myself) Sopher's went to make a drink and walked towards the kitchen to be greeted by the following sight...

Yup, that's right, all three of them (from front to back Dougal, Lucy and Hamish) with their best "oooh we are ever so good please feed us" faces I couldn't resist taking a few snaps!

I had another nice surprise, the peonies that were transplanted from my Grandparents garden 5 years ago have started to bloom and as requested by the lovely Sara here is a picture of the first opening bloom!

As this is my second post of the day I've not a lot more to add really! (makes a change doesn't it!!!)

Still we are now waiting for the festivities that will fall tomorrow when a certain baby brother has his birthday!!!


Lizzie said...

The picture of the three cats in the kitchen is classic.

I love your peony! I have one from my grandfathers... he divided it about six years ago, and gave me half. Its currently planted at my mothers home in WV. I would love to transplant here to Ga!

sara, the house of charm said...

Oh How is it that I missed this wonderful post!! Thank you Sarah! What a wonderful bloom.